Ambulance and Non-Emergency Operations

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Do you have a professional Dispatch and Call Taking Center?

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Software for managing and tracking incidents and complaint processes

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Dispatch, Call Taking and Human Resources

EMS and ambulance services are a great extension of medical-related professions.  It is a great business with many rewards!

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Starting and operating an ambulance service is a complicated, highly regulated process.  Save your organization time and let us help get you started.

With our experience, we can help you:

  • Getting started in Ambulance Operations
    • `Licensing and Credentialing
    • Planning  and problem solving.
    • Legal Overview
  • Building a professional Emergency Medical Service
  • Shape a solid, logistically efficient, skilled dispatch center with a focus on Emergency Dispatch and Customer Service
  • Dispatch Software implementation for small operations
  • Patient Care Reporting
  • Field Training Programs
  • Building Human Resources and Employee Guidelines
  • Billing Set up
  • Billing Compliance support
  • Marketing and Sales Planning and Implementing

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NOTE:  We are not affiliated with any EMS agency. 

Many EMS consulting services are a division of a private ambulance service and cannot make your interests more important than their own.  Our services are provided under a confidentiality agreement solidifying our committment to your organization ONLY.

We are a non-profit organization with over 30 years in the ambulance business.  We have successfully started up and helped develop successful ambulance and transportation operations.

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We have 30 + years actively working in Emergency Medical Transportation Operations